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What is Callback?

Callback phone service, sometimes called international callback or simply call-back, is a service for making cheap international phone calls from virtually any location where a telephone is available.  Callback can be used from any phone that can receive a call, including VoIP or Cell Phones.  International calls using call-back are cheaper in many countries since the calls are initiated in a third country, usually the United States, where call charges are considerably lower.  The local high cost monopoly phone company is therefore by-passed and the caller pays the lower United States rate for the call.


How does International Callback work?

As the name implies, callback phone service works by initiating a call from the United States or another third country where international calling rates are cheap.  There are at least three methods for initiating or triggering a call using International Callback.  The method of callback initiation depends on the type of callback service the subscriber is using.  The following is a short description of the three types of call-back services.

  • The first type of callback service is what we call traditional service.  Using this type of service a caller opens an account with a Callback Service provider, registers their phone number(s) and is assigned a callback number in the United States or another third country.  When the subscriber wants to place a call they call their assigned number from their registered phone and let the phone ring once and hang up before it is answered.  The computer recognizes them by their registered phone number and immediately calls them back.  When the subscriber answers the phone they are on the callback service provider's phone system and can place a call as if they were in the United States.  A subscriber typically has access to their callback account on-line so they can change or add registered phone numbers as needed.  They can also review their call history and other account details.
  • A second type of callback is often referred to as SMS callback or SMS Call.  This is similar to traditional callback except the subscriber initiates or triggers a call by sending an SMS message from their cell phone.  The message contains the subscriber's phone number and the number they wish to call.  The callback service recognizes the SMS message and calls the subscriber and then connects them with the phone number they wished to call.
  • A third type of callback is referred to as Web Call or Internet Callback.  To initiate a callback using Web Call a subscriber simply logs into their account on a website and enters the phone number they are calling from and the number they want to call.  The computer recognizes the subscriber and calls their phone number and then connects them with the phone number they wanted to call.

All three types of callback have positive and negative points.  Traditional callback will work in almost any location where telephone service is available.  However, some countries try to block traditional callback so they can continue to charge high rates for international calls made through their monopoly phone companies.  SMS Callback will work from cell phones in many countries but it is not available in every country.  INTERNET triggered callback can be used in any country where the caller has access to the INTERNET.  Web Call cannot be blocked since the call is triggered over the INTERNET and the caller is just receiving a phone call from the United States.

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