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We have searched the web in order to find the best Callback services for our readers.  We provide customer survey forms on several websites so we can collect feedback from users.  We have found that the following callback services provide the highest quality service for the money. If you try or use one of these callback services, please provide a rating so we can provide timely information to all of our readers.


World Callback Card

Make low cost international calls from any phone in the world with World Callback.  Use this calling card to make international calls using SMS or Web Callback.  The card has excellent quality and low rates to almost every location.  You can purchase, activate the card and start making calls instantly.  Please rate this callback service if you have used it. 



Telcan Callback

Telcan Calback is a high quality traditional callback service that is used by calling a special callback number in the United States.  Telcan has high call quality and is a popular callback plan.  Their rates to most locations are lower than other traditional callback service providers and you can open an account for any amount of money.  If you stop using their service they will refund any unused funds in your account.  You can fund an account with a major credit card, a bank wire transfer or with a Western Union transfer.  It usually takes one or two business days to activate a new account.  Please rate this callback service if you have used it.  


Continental Callback Service

The Contental Card can be used for callback service from any phone in the world by triggering the call with SMS or Web Call.  We have tested this service and the quality is very high.  The rates are very good for the call quality and the service does not have any hidden fees or extra charges.  This service can also be used like a normal phone card to place calls from many countries.  It offers PIN-less dialing, online account management and call history.  Many features not found with a typical cheap phone card.  Please rate this service if you have used it.